Volunteer Openings

Help us organize!

icon of a library book cart with books

Our warehouse has a vast library of books and activities. Help us sort and manage our inventory so our family coordinators can select the right items for the right children.

  • Book Librarian
  • Resource Manager
  • Learning Activity Library Manager
  • Learning Sessions Manager

Help build activities!

Icon of crafts materials; scissors, thread, buttons

All of our learning materials that are delivered to home are developed in-house. We need volunteers to help plan learning sessions, make learning activities, and explain those learning activities to our non-English-speaking families.

  • Learning Session Planning
  • Learning Session Manufacturing
  • Learning Session Specialist: seamstress, carpenter, artist
  • English/Spanish Translation

Help spread the word!

Icon of loudspeaker emitting sound

Help us reach donors and potential families to serve.

  • Public relations
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Web Development
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Skills

Help us grow!

Icon of sprout growing from ground
Help with our fundraising to ensure all children enter kindergarten ready.
  • Event Planning
  • Research
  • Grant writing

Help us build relationships!

Icon of an interconnected network of people
Help us develop strategic relationships with other organizations working with low-income families.

Fill out our application to start volunteering!

Child looking upwards at a tinker toy contraption
Child pumping fist in air, smiling, while engaged with an egg dying activity

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