Helping Each Child Get An Equal Start At School

What is the problem?

  • Disadvantaged families have just 51% opportunity to learn according to Schott’s Foundation’s opportunity index
  • Nationwide 70% of low-income children begin school behind
  • Locally, the situation is worse; for example, in the Ravenswood School district 73% enter school unprepared, approximately 18 months to 2 years behind higher income children
  • Kindergarten readiness is the #1 indicator of academic success. Let’s start ready!

Why work on learning before school?

Children’s brains are primed for learning:

  • 90% of brain development is complete by age 5
  • Memory, language, communication and reasoning skills peak between ages 2 to 5
  • Investing in early childhood education is cost effective and more effective than trying to correct deficits later

Covid creates new obstacles for low-income families:

  • Only 27% of preschools in San Mateo county are operating
  • Headstart is operating at 40% enrollment due to social distancing space requirements
  • Financial hardships make it more difficult to participate in a fee based program

How does our program work?

Learning Home Volunteers works with low-income families with children ages 2 thru 5. We work with children and parents in their home to prepare them to be ready to enter school. Through the public’s generous donations, we are able to offer our program free to participants.


We work with families in their homes and empower the child’s first and longest teachers, their parents.

We share with the parents the true value of play for children. In training, we show how they can impact learning through joyful play.
We share the magical skills of the greats in early childhood education to meet the child where they are and follow their lead.


We provide a teaching kit for the parents which contains basic materials they will need as they work with their child.

The kits enrich learning by providing hands-on materials for the child to use in learning through play.

We provide a core set of books and 2 books per month to introduce the child to the gift of reading.

Learning Activities

Each learning session provides theme-based learning. Each session includes books that are read and 6–7 activities. Materials are delivered to the home every three weeks. Included in the materials are additional customized learning materials chosen to delight that particular child.


Our families are connected to the organization and other enrolled families through an app. The app allows both staff and families to post. They can post in their language of choice. All information is then translated automatically to the language preferred by the reader. The app has created a community for our families and allows us to learn from them, for them to learn from each other, and us to share ideas with them.
All materials are explained through videos in both English and Spanish via the app.
Multiple book readings are provided per session.
Participants in the program share the learning taking place in their home via the app.