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Creating equitable education for low-income children.

Kindergarten readiness is the #1 indicator of future academic success. Yet 70% of low-income children enter kindergarten 18 to 24 months behind their more affluent peers.

Children that start behind are unlikely to catch up.

Children learn through play.

We partner with parents to create a rich learning environment at home.

How our program works

Our program is child-led, parent-powered, and volunteer enabled.

We empower our parents to be teachers and agents of change in their child’s education.

We equip them with training, learning materials, provides books, and custom activities for their child. We bring those materials to their home.

We remove barriers to success through one-on-one support and the help of our community partners.

Children enter our program at age 2 and exit when they enter kindergarten.

Our program operates year-round.