Prepare Your Child to Enter School

Are you a low-income family? Do you live in San Mateo County, California? Do you have a child who is two to five years old? Would you like your child to enter school ready to perform well?

Research shows there are three easy things you can do to help your child excel at school: (1) talk with your child using meaningful conversation, (2) read to your child and (3) play with your child. Our program is based on these proven methods. You will be trained on how to use these methods with your child.

Your family will be provided with a teaching kit and a core set of children’s books which you will add to throughout the three year program. Learning activities and books will be delivered to your home.

Small child taking learning materials and activities out of a clear plastic box
Collection of children's books
Assortment of learning materials and school supplies
To enroll, please fill out the following form or call us. Once we receive your information, you will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a time to meet.